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Being sick is not part of the plan

Woke up this morning, trying to put behind the blood coughing episode. Did all the morning routine as usual, getting the kids for school and myself for work. I went to bed without telling anyone what happened. Partly I was wanting to forget that I actually coughed blood, partly I did not want to cause any unnecessary alarm to my loved ones.

Despite this incessant cough, I managed to function pretty well. I was not hindered in anyway to take care of my kids and family, do all the housework, perform well at work. I really did not think too much because I am still functioning.

At work that day, you can call it a coincidence, but looking back now, I believe it was God preparing me for what is to come.

I was working as a counselling supervisor. I was working with 2 supervisees back to back.

Both of them, unknowing to each other, were relating to me about people they encountered with respiratory issues.

The first supervisee shared about her recent loss of her mother due to a sudden respiratory failure. She was reflecting about how this loss caused her to have change in perspectives and a new outlook in life.

The next supervisee came in and shared about a client who was suffering from respiratory issues for a while, went to see a doctor and recovered.

I remember telling my supervisee, “this person sounds like me”

Work soon ended, I did not think too much and got caught up in the busyness of the day. Planning what to eat, preparing to pick up my child from school… The coughing was still there, but no blood. I thought, maybe it is just once off, maybe I should go and see a doctor, but wait till I have more time later. Maybe.



When God is in charge, His plans will happen no matter how hard you try to dismiss it. I was trying to avoid the unavoidable.

It was the beginning of the year, my kids just transited to Pri 1 and playgroup, I had plans to do more at work, being sick was not part of the plan.

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