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Coughing Blood

We came home from our annual large family CNY dinner-cum-bowling gathering.

Put the children to bed, and I started to cough badly. Like, half choking on something, half having wheezing, and wanting to vomit.

So I went to the toilet, think I will feel better trying to cough out whatever is choking me. So I coughed more. You know how it is when you cough so much that your eyes water? Yup, that was happening.

Then I vomited some food and blood.

I did not want believe my eyes. I wanted to unsee the blood and dismiss the whole episode to eating too much during the dinner. I thought it's just once off, it will be ok if I just let it be.

Yes, I tend to be avoidant when coming to see doctor.

So, I washed my mouth, went to sleep. Hoping that all will be well tomorrow.

This is the beginning of the journey of the unimaginable big C and more importantly, a wonderful walk in faith!

** Back story** prior to this coughing blood episode, I was following up at the Polyclinic for adult onset asthma.

I never had asthma as a kid, only since end 2016 to 2019 I was having coughing bouts. My skin developed eczema, around my neck, my inner elbows and back. When these got worse, I developed dandruff on my head.

Over the 2 years from 2016 to 2019, I started to gradually lose weight, 20kg to be exact. I attributed this to breastfeeding my child, eating less carbs at night and being more active having to take care of 2 kids.

I did not think to put all these symptoms, weight loss, incessant coughing, eczema, dandruff to anything more than asthma as diagnosed.

Disclaimer, this is a sharing of my personal experience. If you read my sharing and find similarities, please remember that you and me are different people. What happened to me may be different for you.

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