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How do you get rid of a 14cm tumor?

Side effects of chemo part 1 - constipation, nausesa, indigestion

When it comes to the side effects that I experienced, I must really thank God for protecting me. I did not really suffer the side effects like what I heard others experienced.

But I got some side effects…

On the day after the 1st session of chemo, I felt like my stomach was blocked, like in the middle of your body there’s a rock. I have no appetite, feel like vomiting but cannot vomit. Want to go toilet but nothing.. Sit also wrong, lie down also wrong, walk around feel like fainting.

Doc did warn that if one was more prone to constipation before chemo, I will be more likely to be even more constipated. Which is exactly what happened.

Everything is jammed in my body. My already sluggish stomach and colon became even more sluggish. The food that went in, is not coming out. The sewer is clogged.

I knew I had to get it going. I knew once my bowels started to move, I will not feel the distention in my stomach.

Then I was on a mission to get my stomach and bowels going. I tried everything in my knowledge to get it going. Ginger juice (Helped me to get the air out to relieve the pressure), acupressure (this is the one that actually helped me), stool softener (this helped too.. But it is not a long term solution).

This movement of the bowels is of utmost importance. We are often very shy to talk about this, but it is normal and an essential function of our body.

Call me crazy, naive, irrational or just simply full of common sense. I remember telling my friend that my job is to convert the 14cm tumor into poop and pee.

Think about it, the only way that this 14 cm growth can come out of my body without surgery, is for my body’s cells to break it down into waste material. Waste material comes out of our body in 3 ways, pee, poo and sweat.

I was glad to be able to get things moving. Otherwise, I will be going down the slippery slope of indigestion, nausea, lack of appetite, cannot eat, lose more weight… you get the picture. Worse, if the bowels don’t move, means the toxins cannot come out. Which will in turn lead to my blood reabsorbing the toxins in my colon. Bad.

Thankfully, this nauseating side effect got dealt with quite smoothly, and I put in quite some effort to make sure I went to the toilet at least 3 times a day (in the beginning).

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