• Candice C.

Side Effects of Chemo - Family Disruption

When I was receiving the chemo, Doc warned that my WBC will be low, hence I am more susceptible to virus and bacteria attacks.

At the beginning few sessions of the chemo, because of the fear of how my body will react to chemo, my husband and I decided that it is best for me to stay away from the children. Because of fear of passing any germs to me, my children and husband went to ‘camp’ at my mother’s house for about 2 months.

It was a hard 2 months, I only got to see the children for a short while in the mornings, before they went to school. And when they returned in the evening, I was quick to leave my mother’s house because they will want me to stay longer.

This psychological pain is something no one talks about. The pain of being separated from your children, the pain of leaving them when they want you, the pain of having to say goodbye instead of good night.

This pain also impacted my children’s behaviour. At my mother’s house, their behaviours became more erratic, they cried and screamed when they wanted and had a hard time calming down.

My husband was also getting more frustrated, because he was not sleeping well at the ‘camp’, the children were more clingy to him and just overall being away was not helpful for our relationship.

I cannot take this pain that was inflicted to my family. After much prayer, my husband and I decided it is best for the children to come back and stay in our house with their germs and all. I love their germs too. I cannot live in fear of the germs. My children cannot suffer because of my illness.

Thank God the children were able to adjust back to coming home quickly. Their usual behaviours returned and their emotions are not so volatile. We have never looked back since the day they came back home to say. Thank God I am still alive, to be their mummy.

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