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Things I did to be Alive

*Warning: some things you read here may seem incredulous to you, but this is what I did. Read with an open mind*

I was not satisfied with the options that conventional medicine was giving me. And I certainly believe that conventional western medicine is not THE only way to view our bodies and what wonders our body can do naturally. I wish there will come a time when our medical landscape will become more integrative rather than in it’s own silo.

I had time after chemo since I was not working. Hence I started on my quest to discover, learn, explore what are the alternative methods of healing out there.

In exploring this world of alternative treatments, I was the more open, my husband was the conservative one who leaned more towards conventional medicine. In deciding what to use for my treatment, we would make joint decision to think, research, discern and pray before we did anything.

He was concerned that some of the alternative treatments are quack, or so the internet says they are quack (which unfortunately there are some black sheep) and he was concerned that I will give up conventional medicine totally to use alternative treatments.

I assured him that I know there is a place for conventional medicine, just I wanted to combine both western AND alternative treatments. Where conventional medicine was efficient to kill the cancer cells immediately, alternative treatment was efficient to give my body the natural long term healing it needs.

Here are some of the things I discovered, there are probably more that I don’t know yet. Some I use, some I did not use.

1. Spiritual

  • Pray to Jesus

  • Read the bible

  • Surround myself with godly counsel

  • Be grateful for being able to wake up everyday

  • Have joy in life

2. Diet:

  • Change diet to gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, animal-free

  • Drink probiotics

  • Eat Tumeric and Moringa

  • Eat bitter gourd and lemon

  • Juice herbal leaves from NTU Community Herb Garden with parsley, fresh turmeric and lemon

  • Eat winter melon soup with Fu Ling, Bai Su, chinese barley and english barley

3. Physical:

  • Lymphatic detox exercise by 365 Cancer Prevention Society

  • Increase exercise by gardening

  • Going for walks in parks

4. Cellular regeneration

  • Bioresonance

  • Eat my cell mineral, cell nutrition and cell energy vitamins

  • Drink redox signalling molecules

5. Detox retreat in Aenon Health Centre where I did:

  • 5 days juicing fast

  • Hyperthermia fever bath

  • Enema

  • Colonic

  • Infra-red heat

  • Ozone steam

Things there are available, but I did not do

  • High dose intravenous Vitamin C

  • Go to an integrative cancer treatment clinic in Bangkok

  • Acupuncture and TCM

  • Many more as shared by The Truth About Cancer

Crazy? Over the top? Think anyhow you like, but hey I am here today. If there is something available but my brain cannot comprehend yet like cellular regeneration (which conventional medicine call a hoax), I read, research, interview people and ask why is it so useful for people, but conventional medicine put it down?

Everyday I live by the grace of God. If I can put cytotoxic drugs in my body, why not try out alternatives that are not toxic, natural and help my body to regenerate again? Thank God for letting me live till today, not only living, but THRIVING!

Keen to find out about any of the above listed items? Drop me a message for a chat :)

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