• Candice C.

Turning Crisis into Opportunity

In 2019, I was facing a health crisis. At that time, I did not know whether I am going to live or die.

In 2020, the world is facing a global health crisis. Until this day, we still have many uncertainties to where this pandemic will lead us.

What I learnt from my health crisis is there are two positions you can be at during the crisis. One is a position of surrender, One is a position of control.

You may think that surrendering to your situation is weak and meek, it actually takes a lot of courage to surrender to things you do not know. Last year, I came to this realisation when I was lying in the hospital bed, with my life in the hands of unknown doctors. I came to realise how much I was dependent on the hospital system, the doctor’s knowledge and the procedures that I was put through.

I am able to surrender to all these unknown because I know and believe that I have a great God who will take care of all the plans for me.He will give me doctors to take care of me, He will make sure that the doctors make the best decisions, He will ensure that the procedures go through smoothly.

In surrendering, I am able to lose the anxiety, fear and worry. Because there is someone bigger who will manage the situation, and I don’t. Just like a parent will plan and worry for their children, God is our guide and planner for all situations in our lives when we surrender our plans to him.

Because I surrendered to my health situation, I was able to go along with the flow of what was required of me - the overnight change in diet, the seeking possible foods to eat, the discovery of vegan and gluten-free food.

In the process of surrendering,I have learnt new skills of cooking, explored the world of food and the professional kitchen, acquired business management information and started a food business. I would never have thought that having cancer will lead me here today. I was definitely not what I had planned for my life. (I thought I will just happily continue working as a counsellor as per my old life).

Right now, facing the COVID-19 situation, many of us may be at risk of losing jobs, having less income and are trying to do everything in our power to gain back the control that we are used to having.

What about for a moment, (this is going to sound crazy), but.. What about for a moment, let go of the control (but.. But.. I need to take care of the children, I need money for my daily expenses… ) Let go and pray for all these worries to be taken care of. God will open a door for you where opportunities are. If we slow down, and seek directions from God, He will show you the way.

Who knows what might come out of this COVID-19 situation? Maybe the future of living will be very different from what we are used to, but it will definately be a future where we can all survive when we surrender to the control of things we are used to, and live the new norm. It is only then, we can see the opportunities that arise from the new norm. It is how we can turn crisis into opportunities.

My best wishes to all who are currently struggling with endless worries about living with COVID-19. May we all turn to focus on God who will make things right in His time. God bless.

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